Database of Kurdish Dialects

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Matras, Yaron et al. 2016. The Dialects of Kurdish. Web resource, University of Manchester.

Welcome to the ‘Database of Kurdish dialects’!


To search the database:


  1. Select your search criterion from one of the menus. You can select from Sample (sample code), Location (the place where the dialect is spoken), Tag (structural-grammatical feature), Phrase (English questionnaire phrase, to obtain a Kurdish translation), or type in the Kurdish text or text portions that you want to find.
  2. Once you have selected the search criterion, click ‘Add criterion’. The list of relevant data will appear in below the search menu.
  3. You can select several criteria and click ‘Run search’. The database will then display all data that match either the first or the second search criterion. For example, if you select ‘pronoun’ as well as ‘Kars’, the database will display all data from Kars, as well as all data that contain a pronoun.
  4. You can also combine search criteria. To do this, hold ‘Ctrl’ (Windows) or ‘Cmnd’ (Mac) while clicking on the search criteria in the list. This will allow you to select as many as you wish. When you click ‘Add criterion’ you will see the list of search criteria in one row. When you run the search you will now get all the data that match all your selection criteria. For example, if you hold Ctrl/Cmnd and select ‘Kars’ from the list of locations and then ‘pronoun’, you will get all the data that are both from Kars and at the same time contain a pronoun.
  5. Once you have run a search, you can Download Results to get a table or spreadsheet format, or Map Results to get a map display.

All data is derived from transcriptions of recorded interviews with speakers from the identified locations.

Index of samples by country

Italicised samples are from the pilot survey.

Clicking on a sample will display the data for that sample in the database.

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