Database glosses


The Database can be searched by tags. Tags are grouped according to the following categories:



Phonology (phon)

Morpho-syntax (morphs)

Parts of Speech (pos)

Verbs (verb)


List of tag sub-categories:

 ad adverbial
 adj adjective
 anim animate
 br beneficiary/recipient
 comp complement
 con conditional
 cont continuous
 dat dative
 def definite
 det determiner
 dir directional
 do direct object
 fact factual
 fem feminine
 gen generic
 imp imperative
 inan inanimate
 indef indefinite
 iter iterative/habitual
 its intransitive
 izafe nominal attribution
 masc masculine
 mod modality
 neg negation
 non non-factual
 pl plural
 poss possessive
 pronm masculine pronoun
 prep preposition
 pres present
 pron pronoun
 pronf feminine pronoun
 pronpl plural pronoun
 rel relative
 sub subordination
 tr transitive


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