Transliteration system


The table provides a list of transliteration symbols used, along with examples from the database. Note that pronunciation of most words differs across the dialects. For examples of the words cited in this tables, and the sample from which they derive, copy the Kurdish word and user the search function ‘Kurdish text’ on the Database.


The project’s Transcription Assistants received an induction and instructions from the project’s senior staff. Transcription were checked by project collaborators and the project coordinators.


Orthographic conventions and academic transcription conventions for Kurdish vary, as does the level of experience of the project’s staff. We have tried our best to ensure consistency of the transcription under these circumstances. Users have access to the audio files and transcriptions of the Free Speech Samples and are invited to provide feedback and any suggestion for corrections.


 Symbol IPA value(s) Example Translation
 a ɑ, a nan bread
 e ɛ, æ berf snow
 ê sêv apple
 i ɪ, i, ɨ, ə hindik some
 î bîr mind
 u ʉ, ʋ, u tu you
 û çûm I went
 ü y mountain
 o o, oː zor much
 ö œ göz walnut
 p p pirr much
 p’ p’ird bridge
 b b berf snow
 t t tu you
 t’ met’a min my aunt
 ṭ ṭawle table
 d d du two
 k k kurr son
 k’ k’enî laughed
 g g goşt meat
 q q qet never
 ç ʧ, ɕ çend some
 c ʤ, ʝ car time
 ts ʦ kits girl
 dz ʣ dzar time
 j ʒ jin woman
 f f feqîr poor
 v v hevde seventy
 s s three
 ṣ ṣed one hundred
 ş ʃ şew night
 z z zor much
 ẓ peẓ sheep
 x χ, x xuşk sister
 ẋ ɣ aẋa landlord
 h h hindik some
 ḥ ħ ḥeft seven
 ʕ ʕ ʕeşîre clan
 ‘ ʔ el’an now
 m m mal house
 n n nan bread
 l l le in
 ł ʟ mindał boy
 r ɾ, r rûn oil
 rr rr, (ɹ) kirrî bought
 w w wek like
 y j yek one
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